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Translation of texts in various language pairs

Our agency provides translations for a wide range of language pairs. The most frequent language pairs are English – Slovak, English – Czech, English – German, English – Russian, English – French, English – Italian, English – Hungarian, English – Polish, English – Spanish, English – Portuguese, English – Romanian, English – Greek, English – Dutch, English – Swedish, English – Finnish, English – Norwegian, English – Danish, English – Serbian, English – Croatian, English – Ukrainian, English – Slovenian, and many others. Upon request, we are able to provide translations in non-standard and lesser-used language pairs.

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Official translation (sworn translation, certified translation).

We provide official translations for language pairs consisting of a foreign language and the Slovak language and vice versa, and for language pairs consisting of a foreign language and the Czech language and vice versa. The possibility of using other types of language pairs needs to be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When placing an order for an official translation, the customer has to deliver to the agency the document (original copy, a copy certified by a notary public, or a non-certified photocopy) that will be bound to the translation.

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We provide interpretation services both in Slovakia and abroad in more than 40 language pairs.

We offer high-quality, verified interpreters not only in Slovakia, but in other countries, too. For our foreign customers, we’re able to provide devoted interpreters who are loyal to the client, know the local environment and conditions, and can excellently speak the client’s native language.

Interpretation types and methods

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