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Translation of texts

Translation of texts in various language pairs

Our agency provides translations for a wide range of language pairs. The most frequent language pairs are English – Slovak, English – Czech, English – German, English – Russian, English – French, English – Italian, English – Hungarian, English – Polish, English – Spanish, English – Portuguese, English – Romanian, English – Greek, English – Dutch, English – Swedish, English – Finnish, English – Norwegian, English – Danish, English – Serbian, English – Croatian, English – Ukrainian, English – Slovenian, and many others. Upon request, we are able to provide translations in non-standard and lesser-used language pairs.

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. Whereas interpreting undoubtedly antedates writing, translation began only after the appearance of written literature; there exist partial translations of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh (ca. 2000 BCE) into the Southwest Asian languages of the second millennium BCE.

Translators always risk the inappropriate spill-over of source-language idioms and usage into the target-language translation. On the other hand, spill-overs have imported useful source-language calques and loanwords that have enriched the target languages. Indeed, translators have helped to substantially shape the languages into which they have translated.

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  •   official translation (sworn translation, certified translation)
  •   translation of documents from private life
  •   translation of extracts from the Criminal Register and confirmations of permanent residency
  •   translation of school reports and state exam certificates
  •   translation of courses and study results, student status certificates
  •   translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, baptism certificates, and death certificates
  •   tax residence confirmations, letters of attorney, authorisations, permits
  •   translation of extracts from the Land Registry
  •   translation of documents related to insurance claims
  •   translation of documents from business
  •   translation of extracts from the Companies Register
  •   translation of tax documents
  •   translation of accounting statements
  •   translation of documents related to legislative matters
  •   translation of verdicts, resolutions, and decisions
  •   translation of documents related to judicial proceedings, conciliation procedures, winding-up of companies
  •   translation of documents from social life
  •   translation of articles of association, contracts, and agreements
  •   translation of communications among contractual parties, business partners
  •   translation of promotion materials
  •   translation of certificates
  •   translation of specialized publications
  •   translation of installation and operation manuals
  •   translation of engineering specifications
  •   translation of material safety data sheets
  •   translation of software
  •   translation of other texts according to our client’s requirements
Translations are made by translators whose mother language
is the target language of translation (native speakers)

  The price for translation starts at € 0.035 per word, depending on the language pair and on the type of document to be translated

  Read more information on the prices for translation and interpretation provided by our agency here ...

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