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Prices for translation and interpretation services

Translation and interpretation are categorized in the field of the provision of services, not in the delivery of goods.

The price depends on both the source and the target languages. Apply for your own tailored price quotation.

How do we calculate the price for translation?

The price for translation is based on the word count of the source text.

How do we calculate the price for interpretation?

The price for interpretation is calculated individually. It depends on a few factors: the language pair, complexity of terminology, duration of interpretation, place of interpretation, and so on.

Discounts for our translation and interpretation services

  The amount of the discount is determined individually depending on the duration of the relationship and volume of delivered services.

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    Confidentiality and privacy protection

    We take strict care to maintain the confidentiality
    of our clients’ information

    One of the essential professional principles of providing translation and interpretation services is keeping the trade secrets of all information that a translator and/or an interpreter becomes aware of during performance of his/her services.