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The quality of translation and interpretation services

The quality of translation and interpretation services

If you are looking for professionals in the field of translation and interpretation, you’ve come to the right place. The word "TOP” in our name means we want to be the best. Read on to see what we’re doing to truly be the best.

First, we emphasize the selection of the best possible translators, who not only have excellent linguistic competencies, but also possess extensive general knowledge as well as in their fields of specialization - and who always observe deadlines.

To save time for our translators, we also prepare copy editing and formatting for the texts after translation so that the customer will receive the translated text in the same format as their original text.

Quality of source documents for translation

It is very clear to us that our clients want the best quality. We're happy to provide this for all of our clients, but first we need a bit of help from you.

As far as translation services are concerned, the most important requirement for the customer is that they deliver an understandable source text, which includes as few as possible stylistically non-understandable sentences, typing errors, and omitted words. A sore point is abbreviations. If the text contains abbreviations that are specific to your company or area of business, it will be very helpful for us if you would explain the abbreviations at their first occurrence in the text or if you include a list of abbreviations with explanations. Last, but certainly not least, if you provide us with specialized and specific expressions used by your company, we will gladly incorporate them into the translation.

Quality of supporting documents for interpretation

As far as interpretation services are concerned, our work will be easier if you deliver to us any materials related to the subject of interpretation. The better the interpreter can prepare himself/herself for interpretation, the higher quality service he/she can provide. The client that requires an interpreter is surely interested that the information is interpreted as best as possible, and this must constantly be on his/her mind. The speed of verbal communication has to be adapted, and the interpreter needs time to interpret the information.

Try to imagine being an interpreter, interpreting from his/her mother tongue into his/her mother tongue. This means that you'll need to precisely communicate the same information in the same language as spoken by the speaker - you have to remember what the speaker says, and then repeat it in the same language. The interpreter has to do the same, but in addition, he/she must then interpret it into another separate language. This isn't a joke! Try to put yourself in their shoes.

  Do you need more information on the quality, or other parameters, of our translation and interpretation services? Try to find this information in the answers we've posted to our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, do not hesitate to contact us... We will be pleased to help you resolve your questions.

the quality of translation and interpretation services